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Temperature Transmitters


The Rototherm range of temperature assemblies has been designed for all industrial applications and is manufactured in strict accordance with the companies ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.


The range includes probes suitable for direct insertion into processes without protective thermowells and full assembles complete with screwed or flanged thermowells and connection heads.


Our comprehensive range of connection heads provides the best environmental protection for the electrical terminals on terminal blocks or temperature transmitters fitted to resistance thermometers or thermocouple inserts.


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  • Model TR12 Temperature Transmitter


     •  Universally programmable for

                - RTDs

                - Thermocouples

                - Resistance - sensor

                - mV - sensor

       •  Output linear to temperature with input signal from RTDs

           and Thermocouples

       •  Analog output 4 … 20 mA, invertible, 2 - wire design

       •  Signalling configurable for sensor burnout and sensor short


       •  Ex class protection, intrinsically safe ATEX

       • Approved

                - EEx ia llC T4 / T5 / T6

                - EExnA

                - EExd (when fitted in H70 connection head)

       • EMC Conformity per

                - EN 61326:1997/P1:1998/P2:2001

                - NAMUR NE 21

       • Galvanic isolation

       • 100% Rh protection, moisture condensation permissible

       • Increased ambient temperature

       • PC configurable, Windows® programme

       • CE Conformity


    General Description


    The digital temperature transmitter TR12 range is designed for universal industrial use.


    Comprehensive configuration possibilities, for example, type of sensor, measuring range and error signalling, high accuracy, galvanic isolation and EMI protection characterize these transmitters. The compact head mounting case fits in almost any DIN connecting head.


    During configuration any one of 17 input signals can be selected. Measured temperatures are from - 200 °C up to + 2300 °C.


    The following sensors can be connected:


    RTDs per EN60751, JIS C 1606, DIN 43 760 in 2, 3 and 4 - lead connection, the connection system used is configurable and ensures an optimal lead wire compensation


    Thermocouples per IEC 584 , DIN 43 710 and ASTM E988. Cold junction compensation (CJC) is built-in, the use of an external CJC is selectable via configuration.


    Resistance-sensors up to 5 k W in 2 - , 3 - and 4 - lead connection, configurable compensation of the connection cable mV-sensors up to 800 mV


    Configuration is carried out by means of a standard DOS PC using the configuration set. With the Configuration Software the required parameters are defined. Data to the TR12 is down-loaded using a Communication-Interface (Programming Unit). The bi-directional communication enables display of the measured values on the PC.


    Configuration can be effected whilst the transmitter is mounted in the field. The Communication-Interface has an integral isolation barrier which allows configuration whilst the transmitter is within hazardous areas, and acts to protect the PC. Configuration sets are available as an optional extra.


    The transmitters are delivered with any customized configuration within the given limits.



    TR12 is also available as a DIN Rail Mounting version

  • Model TR24 Temperature Transmitter

       •  Configurable with Windows® PC without sensor simulation

       •  Analogue signal processing, ideal for multiplex systems

       •  Quick response <1 ms to 90%

       •  Sensor burnout signalling according to NAMUR NE 43

       •  Electromagnetic compatibility according to NAMUR NE 21

       •  Measuring span from 20 K

       •  Compact design


    General Description


    Temperature transmitter for Pt100 in 2 or 3 wire connection with 4...20mA analogue output (loop powered 2 wire technique)


    The TR24 temperature transmitter combines the known quick response of an analogue transmitter with the flexibility of configuration by means of a Windows PC.


    The quick stabilisation of the output current after excitation voltage has been applied enables the use of this transmitter in multiplex systems. Setting of the measuring range, type of sensor and sensor burnout behavior takes only a matter of seconds thanks to the easy to use Windows configuration software. Time consuming adjustments and sensor simulation are not required for this transmitter.


    The TR24 can be remotely configured from the control room via the current loop. Possible measuring errors which might for example, result from poor thermometer position, can be compensated by means of the function ‘sensor correction’.

    Write protection and an increased ambient temperatures range complete the spectrum of features.


    Due to its flexibility and reliability the TR24 temperature transmitter is suited for a wide range of applications in the machine industry and plant construction.


    As a result of its extremely compact design this TR24 temperature transmitter can be fitted into any DIN connection head of form B.


    The transmitters are delivered with a basic configuration. Alternatively, upon request, transmitters can be delivered with a customized configuration within the given limits





  • Model TR32 Temperature Transmitter

      •  HART® Protocol

       •  ATEX Approved

       •  Universally programmable for 1 or 2 sensors

             - RTDs

             - Thermocouples

             - Resistance - sensor

             - mV - sensor

       •  Output linear to temperature with input signal from RTDs

           and Thermocouples

       •  Custom specific linearisation with max. 32 points for 

           sensors with ohms or mV output

       •  Analog output 4 … 20 mA, invertible, 2 - wire design

       •  Signalling in accordance with NAMUR NE43

       •  Sensor break detection in accordance with NAMUR NE89

       •  Ex class protection, intrinsically safe

             - II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 / T5 / T6

             - II 1D Ex iaD 20 T120°

             - II (1G) 2G Ex ia IIC T4 /T5 / T6

             - II (1D) 2D Ex iaD 20/21 T120°C

       •  EMC Conformity per

             - EN 61326-1:2006

             - EN 61326-2-3:2006

             - NAMUR NE 21

       •  Isolation voltage 1200 VAC between sensor and current loop

       •  95 % Rh protection, moisture condensation permissible

       •  TÜV certified SIL for protective equipment developed per

            IEC 61508

       •  Configurable via

             - HART® Communicator

             - PC Windows®-programme

       •  Terminal connections with captive screws

       •  CE Conformity


    General Description


    The TR32.xS transmitters are designed for universal use in the process industry. They offer high accuracy, galvanic isolation and excellent EMI protection.


    Via HART® protocol, the TR32.xS temperature transmitters are configurable with a variety of open configuration tools. In addition to the different sensor types (e.g. sensors in accordance with DIN EN 60751, JIS C1606, DIN 43760, IEC 60584 or DIN 43710), customer specific sensor-curves can also be defined, through the input of value pairs (user defined linearisation).


    When configured for a sensor with redundancy (Dual sensor), on a sensor failure it will automatically change over to the working sensor.


    Furthermore there is the possibility to activate Sensor Drift Detection. With this, an error signal occurs when the magnitude of the temperature difference between Sensor 1 and Sensor 2 exceeds a user-selectable value.


    The TR32 transmitter also has additional sophisticated supervisory functionality such as monitoring of the sensor wire resistance and sensor-break detection in accordance with NAMUR NE89 as well as monitoring of the measuring range. Moreover, this transmitter has comprehensive cyclic self monitoring functionality.


    The dimensions of the head-mounted transmitter match the Form-B DIN connecting heads with extended mounting space, e.g. Rototherm's H70 or H80.


    The rail-mounted transmitters can be used for all standard rack systems in accordance with IEC 60715.


    The transmitters are delivered with either a basic configuration or configured according to customer specifications.



  • Model TR48 Temperature Transmitter

       •  ATEX Approval

       •  EExia / EExd (when fixed in H70 Head)

       •  Radio Frequency Immunity from 20 to 1000 MHz

       •  Thermocouple and RTD Inputs

       •  Differential Transmitters

       •  Open Circuit Protection

       •  Cold Junction Compensated


    General Description


    The model TR48 temperature transmitter offers a convenient method of increased system accuracy, while reducing costs through the elimination of long runs of expensive compensating cables. The transmitter requires only two wires which carry both supply voltage and current signal, and has a high degree of immunity to interference and noise pick-up.



    The TR48 temperature transmitter is also available in a DIN rail mounted version. Manufactured to the same high specification with easily adjustable zero and span potentiometers, this model is ideal when larger numbers are required to be rack mounted.


  • Model DLI1 Loop Powered Indicator

       •  Loop powered

       •  Less than 1V required from loop

       •  ATEX approved for us in IS loops

       •  IP68 enclosure available

       •  Field programmable

       •  Wide range of Zero offsets

       •  RFI protected

       •  12.5mm high display

       •  Operating temperature -10 to +70ºC

       •  Low cost


    General Description


    Model DLI1 is a loop powered digital indicator, which can be connected in series with any 4-20mA current loop and will display the current flowing in meaningful engineering units.


    The large 3 ½ digit display is easy to read and the whole device introduces a volt drop of less than 1V at full scale, which means it can be used where several other devices are already in the loop.


    The Zero and span are independently adjustable so the indicator can be can be calibrated to display any range within the +/-1999 range, large positive and negative zero offsets are easily accommodated.




    The indicator can be supplied in an EEx de approved, IP68 enclosure in a variety of materials to suit the needs of the environment in which it is installed. Extended versions allow a transmitter and indicator to be conveniently mounted as a single unit.


    Intrinsic Safety


    DLI 1 is available ATEX approved II 1G EExia IIC T5.


    Certificate numbers:

    BAS 00 ATEX 1161X (component applications)

    BAS 00 ATEX 1160X (when fitted in H70 connection head)