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Stator Slot RTDs


RTD Products has a short range of stator slot RTDs.


These slot, or winding, RTDs are installed in stator windings to monitor the operating temperature of electric motors and generators and prevent overheating. They stretch the length of the winding and so provide an average temperature reading, eliminating potential error that could occur from point sensing at a hot spot.


Element:   Single Pt100

Sensing Material:  Platinum

Standard Voltage Test: 2KV for 60 seconds

Max. recommended current:  5mA

Tolerance Class: Class A, B or C

Temperature Class: Class H insulation (180°C)


Standard Dimensions:

Length: 150mm, 200mm, 300mm (+/- 6.35mm)

Width: 7mm (+0.0-0.5mm)

Thickness: 2mm (+0.0-0.17mm)


Lead Material:   PTFE insulated 7/0.2

Lead length:   Standard Lead length of up to 4000mm


Leads colour coded to IEC 60751:2008: 3 wire (2 red/1 white)